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regular expressions wilson mar - why do we care about this v a regular expression is a formula for matching strings that follow some pattern in order to operate on a subject character string text in html log files text files containing data etc are parsed in order to validate for correct formatting to extract substrings or to replace content the perl practical extraction and report language language has, wordpress vs joomla review miracle tutorials - this is not a pro contra review in this article i try to give you some pointers to make it easy to chose between the two popular content management systems the basic difference between wordpress and joomla is that joomla is a portal or community type site while wordpress is a blog, xslt cookbook solutions and examples for xml and xslt - xslt cookbook solutions and examples for xml and xslt developers 2nd edition sal mangano on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers forget those funky robot toys that were all the rage in the 80s xslt extensible stylesheet transformations is the ultimate transformer this powerful language is expert at transforming xml documents into pdf files, ideas o reilly media - deriving meaning in a time of chaos the intersection between chaos engineering and observability crystal hirschorn discusses how organizations can benefit from combining established tech practices with incident planning post mortem driven development chaos engineering and observability, thinking outside the box a misguided idea psychology today - i conduct soft skills training and outbound training for corporates and individuals to enhance creativity we motivate the participants to approach the problems from variety of vantage points, the food timeline history notes sandwiches - blt recipes are not invented they evolve in the case of the bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich blt culinary evidence confirms this recipe descended from late victorian era tea sandwiches, yocto project reference manual - this manual provides reference information for the current release of the yocto project the yocto project is an open source collaboration project focused on embedded linux developers, lua unofficial faq ufaq luafaq org - lua unofficial faq ufaq 1 language 1 1 where to start 1 2 suitability as a first programming language 1 3 suitability as a second programming language, yocto project mega manual - this version of the yocto project mega manual is for the 2 6 release of the yocto project to be sure you have the latest version of the manual for this release go to the yocto project documentation page and select the manual from that site manuals from the site are more up to date than manuals derived from the yocto project released tar files, blog p k carlisle llc - the first problem was when the zte maven 2 from airplane mode silently and without my knowledge called 911 in the screen capture we can see a missed incoming call to the maven 2 from the local number for emergency medical response in response to the maven 2 s emergency call, skills profiles skills canada bc - cabinetmaking involves more than simply designing building and repairing cabinets it encompasses working with a variety of structures such as doors windows and window frames and all types of furniture, training courses pragmatic works - training courses pragmatic works offers a wide variety of training webinars boot camps workshops and on demand training to fit into your busy schedule, net misfitgeek joe stagner - password strength is a key factor in account security for weeb applications as developers we all have a basic understanding of what a secure password is but the averge consumer of internet applications doesn t so adding a visual indicator when your user selectes a password is a great feature, articles list r bloggers - if you are an r blogger yourself you are invited to add your own r content feed to this site non english r bloggers should add themselves here, 10 things i hate about git steve bennett blogs - git is the source code version control system that is rapidly becoming the standard for open source projects it has a powerful distributed model which allows advanced users to do tricky things with branches and rewriting history, admin guide mantis bug tracker - mantisbt as a php script can run on any operating system that is supported by php and has support for one of the dbmses that are supported mantisbt is known to run fine on windows linux os 2 mac os x system i and a variety of unix operating systems, geometry how do you detect where two line segments - there s a nice approach to this problem that uses vector cross products define the 2 dimensional vector cross product v w to be v x w y v y w x suppose the two line segments run from p to p r and from q to q s then any point on the first line is representable as p t r for a scalar parameter t and any point on the second line as q u s for a scalar parameter u, web2py the database abstraction layer - dependencies web2py comes with a database abstraction layer dal an api that maps python objects into database objects such as queries tables and records, www foodbev co za - 87144 34231 87110 34231 87144 32220 87110 complete ofo version 2017 ofo code description 2017 1 managers managers plan direct coordinate and evaluate the overall activities of enterprises governments and other organizations or of organizational units within them and formulate and review their policies laws rules and regulations