Basic Retrosynthesis Problems 2014 -

csir net gate set chemistry study material question bank - csir ugc net chemical sciences csir ugc combined national eligibility test csir ugc net for research fellowship lectureship for chemical sciences is conducted twice every year in june in december to select right candidates to award research fellowships initially for two years jrf which can be further extended for three more years srf, the rise of deep learning in drug discovery sciencedirect - another type of method is called graph convolution models the basic idea is similar to the ugrnn method which employs nns to automatically generate a molecular description vector and vector values are learned by training nns, organic chemistry study tips reaction maps master - this time of year one of the most common problems students come to me with is how to do synthesis problems like this there s a lot of different ways to go about learning how to do synthesis and i ll have a lot more to say about that in future posts but today s post addresses one of the simplest and most effective ways of learning how to do it